May 22, 2002 -- Well, the Marquis is finally back from it's month at the mechanic's. They replaced 2 freeze plugs, the water pump, rear break shoes, wheel cylinders, and the pittman arms. It still needs a new exhaust system, and I think I am going to replace all four tires. There are three of one brand, and one of another. My mechanic seems to think that the bumpy ride at high speeds is due to the tires. I would like to replace them with a wider white wall.

Speaking of replacing things, I have purchased the trunk latch cover you see here to the left. This was a New Old Stock (NOS) auction on E-bay, and I was very excited to get it, because these are so extremely difficult to find! I also plan to replace the wheel covers with the wire one you see to the right. So far I have two of them that were NOS. So gotta keep looking for two more! I may go to Carlisle this summer, hoping to find many parts there.

I got some fenderskirts in the mail today that I ordered from I was so dissapointed. Not only aren't they white, but they were painted with a BRUSH! $210 for junk. I didn't have that good of a feeling when I got done calling there, after I got the e-mail from then telling me they had white ones, with a blue stripe. He basically answered my questions in a series of "yeps" and "nopes." When I inquired about the price, he said they were $195 for the pair. I told him that his site says $180. He started laughing and said: "Yeah, well there's a lotta shit on there that needs updatin'." They're pretty solid, so I am going to keep them. I am not even sure if the blue stripe is going to match. I'll just have them painted I guess, when I paint the car.

I had this really weird dream about it the other night... I dreamed that the fender skirts came in mail, and they looked like they weren't going to fit. So, I go to the car, and there's this old, raggedy looking man making out with like a 15 yr old girl! When I woke up, I realized the Marquis was actually a big rig in my dream. I have no idea what that means?

And currently we're in the process of getting insurance, so she can be registered! I have been thinking of calling her "Christine" since she seems to be a beacon of bad luck. My friend Jetty took me to Rockville during work yesterday at lunch so that I could hand over the paperwork, and my check for the Antique Auto Insurance. On the way back to work, Jetty, being unfamiliar with Rockville, did not stop at a red light. Once she realized she should have stopped, she did, and was in the middle of the intersection, so she decided to go. To make a long story short, she ended up with a $60 ticket. We did all that rushing around so that I could get insurance on it, and possibly get it registered before Memorial Day Weekend, only for me to get a voice mail from my insurance agent that evening saying she didn't have all the paperwork. Paperwork that I brought with me just incase she didn't have everything I had faxed over to her. Bad luck... bad luck...

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