All You Need to Know About Car Length

How long is a car? 

The average length of a car is 14.7 feet, but this number will differ based on the manufacturer, model, and type of vehicle. For example, standard automobiles and trucks usually fall in-between 10 to 18 feet long; whereas, a midsize sedan is typically only 14 feet. Some manufacturers like Chevrolet make much smaller cars that are under 12 feet long (Spark), while Rolls-Royce produces luxury vehicles that tend to be around 20 feet (Phantom). Full-size cars have an average length of 15.7 feet.

















































How wide is a car? 

The average car width is usually about 5.8 feet, though this number changes depending on the car's make and model. For example, Chevrolet Spark (5.2 feet) is the narrowest car in America while Tesla Model X (7.4 feet) is one of the broadest--even wider than many parking spaces allowed for public vehicles! Some other features that affect a car's width are side airbags and lane departure sensors; however, these added safety precautions often prove to be worth sacrificing a few incheson either side of your vehicle.

How does length affect a car?

When thinking about car safety, people usually believe that longer cars are safer. Although it may have been true in the past, smaller cars offer better safety due to recent engineering advancements. Over the past few decades, car sizes have gradually gotten larger in America.

The locality where you live and fuel efficiency are the other main factors influencing the length of the car you buy. Fuel efficiency is one aspect that every customer gives prominence to. Also, larger cars are not that expensive to insure. Despite all these factors, finally, it is the customer’s preference.