Audi Proudly Presents R33 Blue Gasoline to German Customers as The Perfect Factory Fill-Up

Last year, Audi plants swapped their filling stations over to R33 Blue Diesel and now they are introducing the gasoline equivalent: R33 Blue Gasoline! This new fuel replaces traditional E10 gasoline and all vehicles fresh off the production line in Germany come with a mix of one-third renewable components. Thanks to this innovative blend, you can feel confident that your vehicle is powered by sustainable energy sources when leaving Audi's German factories.

How R33 Blue Fuels Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

The R33 Blue Gasoline and Diesel fuel creates a powerful blend with one-third renewable components, sourced solely from residual and waste materials. The gasoline includes 10% oxygenates - for example, ethanol - plus 23% bionaphtha gathered from the tall oil byproduct of paper production. As for diesel, 26% is made from HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) that has been renewable along with 7% biodiesel; while the remaining 67%, consists of fossil fuels.

By utilizing R33 Blue fuels, carbon dioxide emissions decrease by no less than 20%, and that number is continually rising. Fuel producers are furthering their environmental efforts by investing in certified environmental projects; this not only lowers the residual fossil components but also helps reduce global greenhouse gas impacts. Audi's objective to reach carbon neutrality at its production sites by 2025 can come a step closer with the use of these fuel types.

R33 Blue Gasoline uncompromisingly meets the DIN EN 228 standard for gasoline, meaning any vehicle that utilizes Super 95 E10 gasoline can take advantage of its fuel source. Moreover, R33 Blue Diesel abides by the current most widespread criteria—EN 590—making it certified and suitable to use in all diesel vehicles regardless of age.

What Sets R33 Blue Fuels Apart from Other Renewable Energy Sources?

R33 fuels are premium grade, proven to be beneficial to wear and longevity through special additives. Both variety of fuel have been extensively tested in engine and vehicle trials—they even meet the EN 228/E10 criteria for key indicators including storage stability and boiling state. Cleanliness is also guaranteed by their high-grade components which help protect against motor corrosion.

Why You Should Consider Switching to R33 Blue Fuels

In collaboration with Shell and Bosch, R33 fuel is now readily available at public filling stations across the nation. Even though Super E10 and diesel fuels containing up to 7% biodiesel are still widely used in Germany, reFuels will soon be offered on the existing network of filling stations as well. Not only that but EDI Ö-Center offers Blue Gasoline for an additional premium (€1.859/l) over other common fuels like Super (€1.709) or Super E10 (€1.649). Unlike many other alternatives out there, you don’t need any hardware changes when using reFuels!