1949 Mercury Ad "There's no match for MERCURY Style!"
1949 Mercuy Ad (front and rear)
1950 Mercury on the Golf Course
1950 Monarch Ad "Ride Like A King!"
1951 Mercury (front and rear)
1951 Mercury Ads "Nothing like it for Style + Value"

1952 Mercury Ad Collage "The Car That Challenges Them All!"
1953 Mercury Ad "It's easy to see why so many people are switching to Mercury"
1954 Mercury Ad "Merc's New 161 HP engine makes any driving easy!"
1954 Mercury Ad "Now try the car with lasting value"
1954 Mercury Sun Valley Ad "America's First Transparent-Top Car"

1955 Mercury Montclairs (yellow & blue)
1955 Mercury Montclair Sun Valley and Monterey
1955 Mercury Customs
1955 Monarch Lucerne (Canada)
1956 Mercury Montclair
1956 Mercury Ad (mountain)
1956 Mercury Ad "More Useable Power"
1956 Monarch Ad "Nothing Like It Anywhere!"
1956 Monarch Lucerne & Meteor Rideau (from a collector in Norway)
1956 Meteor Rideau (French magazine Advertisement)
1956 Meteor Rideau (Blue car/golf)